"This is the original Game of Thrones"...

...is what George R. R. Martin says about The Accursed Kings, the series of French historical fiction novels by Maurice Druon which was apparently the inspiration for A Song of Ice and Fire. If you are here, chances are you are one of the few, the proud, who have read both series. And if you haven't read The Accursed Kings, read it! It has all the intrigue, infidelity, and infamy of A Song of Ice and Fire and is worthy of every bit of GRRM's praise.

OK, now that we've all read A Song of Ice and Fire and The Accursed Kings, this site is an interactive infographic which draws connections between characters in the two series. These connections are based on my own interpretation of these works and may or may not reflect the authors' intents. This list of connections is far from complete, so please submit any ideas you have (especially if your name is George R. R. Martin)!

WARNING: spoilers!


  1. Click on a character from either series to see which characters in the other series they are connected to.
  2. Click on the highlighted lines to see explanations of the connections.

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